2013 BBQ

It’s that time again– we’re just a few weeks away from my annual BBQ.  This year it’ll be on Saturday August 3rd.

Festivities will begin around 3pm and food will be served around 4:30-5pm. If the weather is decent and not oppressively hot, we’ll have a bonfire around dusk.

Now for the finer details–

What I’ll be providing:

  • Meat: Pulled pork, ribs, chicken
  • Plates, plasticware, cups, napkins
  • Ice, bottled water

What you’ll need to bring:

  • A side, desert, chips, iced tea, soda, etc.
  • It’s BYOB so bring an adult beverage of your choice if you wish.
  • Chairs. I have a bunch of tables and chairs, but if you have folding camp chairs, you may want to throw some in your car just in case.
  • We’ll probably set up a sprinkler for the kids, so bathing suits/towels if you want.

Please leave a note in the comments with how many people and what you’re bringing and I’ll update a list here so others know what’s already taken care of.

Thanks and looking forward to seeing everyone in a few weeks! ~Ryan

114 N York St
Etters, PA 17319

Update with RSVP list and what people are bringing:

RSVP – 41 total

  • Misc friends/neighbors – 18
  • Aaron B
  • Jayvie + 1
  • Travis T
  • Brad & April
  • Jason C + wife, kids
  • Aaron & Lindsay
  • Doug + Stewart clan
  • LJ
  • Dustin & Nicole
  • Michael & Steve
  • Camden + 1


  • Mac and cheese


21 Replies to “2013 BBQ”

  1. I’ll be there. Not sure what side yet but I’ll come up with something that can feed a dozen or so. I’ll also bring some good beer. Maybe need to get a ride from Jayvie or Dan, but we’ll figure it out. It’ll just be me. No +1

  2. Wish I could come, but all of the schedule changes wiped out any chance of that happening. 🙁 Maybe next year…

      1. I had to cancel my vacation east this year. Between truck repairs, waste line replacement, and now storm damage cleanup, all the money I had set back for the trip is gone. 🙁

  3. Thanks for extending the invitation! I’ll be coming with my partner Emily, and we’ll bring veggie italian sausage, and carrot + feta salad. She might also make white wine sangria.

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