The Radio Shack Battery Scam

I made the mistake the other day to walk into Radio Shack. I needed a specialty battery and wasn’t really thinking. Almost every single battery was $4.99 or $5.99. Each.

Ok, well they’re specialty batteries, I thought. Really, they’re not so special. I needed 2. My options were $4.99 x2 ($9.98) or $11.99 for a 3 pack. That seemed like a deal  even though I only needed 2 batteries. Its actually a common marketing ploy, but I digress.

I got my batteries and walked out, grumpy about the whole situation.

When I arrived home, I decided to research the price of these batteries online. I went to Amazon and did a quick search. A 2 pack of the same batteries cost only $2.49 and a 5 pack cost only $8.50!!! Wait, I just paid $11.99 for 3! In some cases I was even finding 50 packs of batteries for around $10.

This left a bitter taste in my mouth and reminded me that certain “disposable” items were much cheaper online than in any store. Radio Shack has you cornered if you need specialty batteries right away just like Best Buy has you cornered when you need some sort of cable or part for your entertainment system.

The high markup on these types of items is probably the only thing keeping these brick and mortars in business at this point. They’re a dying breed and if they can’t adapt they’ll soon be extinct.

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