Body Scans. Who’s The Real Terrorist?

Months ago, Big Brother was touting their body scanners and showing us images like this:

Body Scan Image

And this:

Body Scanner Image

Now, after a PR nightmare, and public backlash over the devices (scanner or else… [pat down]) DHS releases this photo:

Body Scanner Image

DHS tells us its this blurry. They say the face is blanked out. They expect us to believe this picture is real.

On an image of that quality, would could you really find a weapon? I don’t think so. But they expect us to believe them.

TSA wants to force you through these scanners. If you refuse, you are subject to a public, humiliating full body pat down. Personally, I don’t want anybody (else) grabbing my balls. This “do what we say or else” mentality is getting out of control.

By definition, the word “terrorism” means:

the systematic use of terror especially as a means of coercion

By that definition, I believe the TSA and DHS just qualified themselves of terrorists. Who do we send in to round them up?

2 Replies to “Body Scans. Who’s The Real Terrorist?”

  1. I think the pat downs only exist to scare people into going through the naked scanners. Total manipulation and invasion of privacy.

    It’s bad now, but will be so much worse when these scanners start showing up at sporting events, government buildings, etc.

    1. They’ve already begun rolling them out in federal courthouses. It’s only a matter of time before we see them to get on a bus or train.

      Shortly after that it’ll be “papers please” driving from one state to the next.

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