Why the Government Takeover of Healthcare is Wrong

So, you want a few reasons why the healthcare takeover is wrong? Here’s some for starters:

  • The 10th Amendment Prohibits It
  • One-Size-Fits-All Will Never Work
  • No Federal Government Program Has Been Successful

The 10th Amendment prohibits Federal Takeover

The 10th Amendment says that all powers not explicitly granted in the Constitution or Bill of Rights is reserved to the states.

The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.

Nowhere in the US Constitution nor the Bill of Rights states that the Federal Government must provide healthcare to all citizens. Therefore it is a job to be taken care of at the state level.

Why One-Size-Fits-All Will Never Work

To further add to the argument that states should take care of these issues, is that “We the People” are a diverse people. Compare one region to another and they’re guaranteed to have different ideals or ways to do things. The Founding Fathers reserved powers to the states for just that reason. They knew that if they tried to make everybody fit the same mold, it would not work. At some point in time, we decided to allow the Federal Government to take over things and look where we are now… they want to take over everything.

No Federal Government Program Has Been Successful

Face it, can you name a federal program that works as promised? Social Security, Medicare, Department of Education, Department of Energy… they’ve all failed, yet we keep throwing more money at them to try and sustain them. They’re products of failed promises and failed budget estimates, usually because of government bloat and self-interest. Each and every program costs the taxpayer more and more money to run, yet we see no progress. At conception of the Department of Energy, we relied 35% on foreign energy, now its 70%. The goal of DoE never worked out, yet we keep funding it.

Education is another great example. We try and fit kids into a mold, yet at the same time we preach that each person is their own individual. Do you learn the same way I do? Not everybody does, yet we try and force all kids in public schools to learn the same way. In the end, we handicap the smart kids just to try and make children with disabilities meet the same bar. What sense does that make? If local governments could manage education, and the taxes to support the local schools, they could vote, and determine what gets taught. In the end, everybody would get a better education.


As you can see, the Founding Fathers prohibited the Federal Government from taking over things for a smart reason, one size does not fit all. Every case where the Federal government has taken power over an area, it hasn’t worked and its for that one reason alone. Let the state and local governments take care of your issues, and we’ll all be better off.

2 Replies to “Why the Government Takeover of Healthcare is Wrong”

  1. So the Federal Highway Act was a complete failure, and worse, a violation of the 10th Amendment because the Founding Fathers didn’t think to envision the enormous expansion of the size of the country?

    Strict readings of the Constitutions, and attempts to interpret the intent of the Founding Fathers ignore the fact that the world is constantly changing. I understand the desire to limit government growth, and in general I support it. But I also support the notion of healthy Americans.

  2. Can you clarify, are you in favour of the basic principle as laid down by Bevan that “no society can legitimately call itself civilised if a sick person is denied medical aid because of lack of means.”, but object to how it is being implemented?

    For example if the US opted for a Canadian style system where health services are provided at a province level with cross-province agreements for countrywide coverage would you be supportive of that – that would seem to meet your objections as laid out above. Indeed Canada also determines education at a provincial level in a similar way to how you describe in your example.

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