1and1 Hosting vs Bittorrent

This is semi-old news, but BoingBoing posted about the “top” hosting company, 1and1, and why they said they were blocking Bittorrent trackers from being run on their servers.

On Monday, BoingBoing posted a follow up email from 1and1 explaining how Bittorrent generates lots of traffic and the best way for this guy to distribute his files via plain old HTTP. They also posted about Dreamhost’s Bittorrent rationale.

Finally on Tuesday 1and1 changed its mind and said they’d update their TOS and FAQ sections on their sites.

This poor guy was told to cease and desist for sharing his own files that he created and is the rightful owner of. It turned out that apparently thats what happens you let help desk technicians send out threatening, legal sounding emails to users.

From this ordeal, I found out that:

  1. Hosting companies are stupid
  2. 1and1’s corporate headquarters are located within an hour drive from me

I did send them an email in defense of this guy and Bittorrent and told them that I’d personally drive down there and explain it to them in person if they wanted me to. I never heard from them.

<rant>I always did hate those 10 page ads that they clutter my IT magazines with</rant>

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  1. 1and1 is the WORST host/registrar on the web. Most domain name registrars do not use threats and intimidation to renew domain names, But, one and all, 1and1.com DOES. Just have a look at this gem from 1and1 billing:


    701 Lee Road
    Suite 300
    Chesterbrook, PA 19087
    1&1 Internet Inc.
    Dear 986987697,

    Our declined debit note informed you of the current amount due to your customer account, and we politely requested settlement.
    Unfortunately, we have not to this date received payment and therefore will have no alternative but to terminate our services.

    Invoice ID Invoice Date Currency Amount Net Due Date Dunning Level
    USA .com/.net Domain II
    USA .com/.net Domain II
    5.99 $ 01 06/15/2005 06/15/2005

    Total amount due $ 5.99
    In Accordance with our Terms and Conditions we will place a temporary freeze on your 1&1 package(s)
    in 3 days unless you reply to this letter or we receive payment in full.
    If payment is not made in full within 10 days, we will have no alternative but freeze your account and
    transfer this matter to a debt collection agency. In addition to any agency costs there will be a service
    charge of $18.95 added to your outstanding amount and your server contract will be terminated.
    Page 1 of 2
    In order to reactivate your account, please transfer the outstanding amount to:
    Citibank, N.A.
    Account No.: 54348256 (1&1 Internet Inc.)
    ABA No.: 021000089
    When making payment please ensure that you quote your 1&1 customer ID and your invoice ID.
    Upon receipt of the outstanding balance we will reactivate your account.
    If we do not receive payment by 06/29/2005, we will have no alternative but to transfer this
    matter to a debt collection agency. Any additional costs incurred (agency costs, default interest, etc.)
    will be added to your account to be paid in full by you.
    If you have activated a domain with 1&1, we retain the right to disconnect said domain.
    Your 1&1 Team

    Do yourselves a favor and find a registrar/host that understands that we sometimes are away from the computer for a few days.

    Also, the control panel of 1and1.com is the worst peice of trash concieved by man.

    Obviously, I will remit my fees and transfer all domains to a less threatening host/registrar.

  2. Yes, 1and1 does suck. So does their support. But you don’t have to go in circles and wait on hold for hours. Instead, contact this guy:

    Richard Winslow

    He is in charge of angry customers, I think.

  3. Thanks for putting this board up. I want to comment on 1and1.com, -another SCAM artist hosting company. When it comes to billing, amazing how everyone and 1and1.com are on the BALL. They never miss. WHen it comes to support, forget about it. Here’s some keywords for google. 1and1.com worst hosting company ever, 1and1.com; horrible, bad, don’t, scam, refund.

    Anyways. I’m a developer for 10+ years. After creating an account with one and one, I grew concerned with some issues regarding MySQL, their services, etc. Trying to contact them has been truly a nightmare. Firstoff, they set their phone systems every once and a while to automatically disconnect after choosing the opt. #3 for techsupport. Then if you’re lucky, you get forwarded to the Philipines where someone answers the phone laughing hysterically with his co-workers. That’s when you interrupt them and say “HEY F-HEAD,” whats so funny!

    Then, they basically tell you that your issues needs to be handeled by 2nd level support, who can’t talk now but will call you. That’s a joke. You GET the picture? Fortunately I was betaing a new development and switched to them. My main sites are hosted elsewhere. God forbid if something werer to really go wrong in the future with 1and1.

    So, unless your ready to jump on a plane to ASIA to choke out some dog gizzard eating, E.T. fingered tech support rep. who can’t spell APACHE

  4. The biggest complaint against 1and1:

    They lock you from domains that are NOT in dispute. That is, according to ICANN, a violation of their agreement with them. Throwing all purchased domains into one “account” and disabling access to configurations for ALL domains (even when not in dispute, overdue, etc.) is supposedly not allowed. 1and1 does it all the time.

  5. Another 1and1.com hosting nightmare.
    You pay in advance for a year but when that year is up becuase of their “Terms and Conditions” they claim they have the right to automatically renew your account. You have to manually cancel your account and jump through their cancellation hoops. The cancellation is not immediate either and could take until the next month before it takes place and in the meantime, your account might auto-renew!

    If you don’t update your credit card number and they can’t charge your card, then they immediately send your account to collections and charge you $18.95 for it. I now owe over $60 for an account that I wanted to let expire but because I was ignorant of their billing practices, I’ll have to pay it or they will not doubt ruin my credit over it.

    Do not sign up with them, if you are with them, make sure you cancel your account so they don’t just charge you at will for services you might not even be using anymore. AND if you have multiple domains with them make sure you move them all because if one of the domains is in dispute, all of your domains get locked. Bad business practice – yes! Good way to get people to pay for things they don’t agree with – yes! Bad hosting – yes!

  6. Okay, first off thanks for this opportunity to vent my anger (boy am I boiling!):

    I have been one of the “lucky” customers who had signed up for the 3 years free hosting of a business package. So far the support was quite slow (and quite lousy) and their offerings regarding a package aren’t that great (you only get 1 MySQL database!!! and there is no Fantastico panel…Anyway, until recently I have referred them a lot of customers.

    Yesterday cam the big hit: I suddenly can’t send e-mails from my e-mail accounts. Then I check my sites, they are all completely removed or at least not online. None of the domains I have set up! I even have another package for a client wrongfully placed under the same account and this one is also offline! The best thing is that I can’t even log into my control panel!

    Unfortunately this all happens when I am out of the country handing out business cards referring to our sites and can’t even call their “great” support line. I already sent out 4 e-mails with no response.

    All this happened after I tried to register a domain name for a client (while physically currently in Germany). What I then received was the following:

    “Dear Client’s name, (Customer ID: whatever)

    Unfortunately one must be a resident of the USA/Canada to become a client of
    1&1 Internet Inc. This includes only residents of the 50 USA states and not
    residents of offshore territories and protectorates.

    (Blablabla and then:)

    Your order details show that you purchased this account in Germany. As a
    result, we will ask that you provide us with the proof of your USA or Canadian
    ID. This documentation can consist of:

    Green Card
    and/or Drivers License/State ID

    Please fax this to us at: (610) 560 1501 or attach a scanned copy of the
    documents in a reply to this e-mail.

    Your account has not been activated nor has any billing taken place at this
    time. We will not activate this account until we can properly verify your
    residency status. If this information has not been received in three (3)
    business days this account will be terminated in accordance with our T&C.”

    After that notice I figured okay it’s ridiculous to have a client jump through these hoops so I will wait for 3 days and then have it registered once I am back in the States.

    I have no idea if this initiated the whole thing, but point is that you inform your clients if you suddenly completely deny access to your sites.

    Anybody looking for great support and great hosting go to site5.com

  7. well, there are no advantages in 1and1 hosting besides: it’s cheap, plenty of bandwidth (comparing to others), it has SSH, cheap domains registration, may have up to 100 mysql DBs (depending on package)… The supports sucks indeed – it’s hard to get them via phone, very slow by email, sometimes just stupid replies… Still use them but consider to move somewhere else….

  8. 1and 1 is the first company I have ever said bad thinga about. They have all but shut down my companies opperations. I have no website no email nothing. Why…because they have ten year old morons worthing there. I wanted to change the DNS settings and the deleted them………

    1 and 1 Sucks !!!! they will rip you off and mess your domains up for no less than 60 days!!!!!!

  9. The right to publish the truth has been blocked by 1&1.com

    HealthWatcher.net is moving its web site in a few days. For temporary access to our main URLs just click on the link below.

    We will let you know when all is back to normal.

    Our previous ISP was 1and1.com in Pennsylvania. They and their lawyer in Philadelphia have both failed to provide the necessary services in a manner that would protect the right to free speech and fair comment. It seems that they knuckled under to a frivolous and vexatious attack on my right to criticize an advertisement that appeared in a weekly newspaper in Canada. If your ISP has treated you as poorly as I have been treated, we are all in for a big wakeup call.

    Please send all e-mail to drpolevoy@yahoo.com for further information.

    Please put this in the
    Subject line: Update on healthwatcher

    We will send you complete details about what this company has done, and would like to see the right to fair comment protected on the internet.

    Terry Polevoy, MD
    938 King Street West
    Kitchener, ON N2G 1G4

  10. I have had similar experiences with 1and1 Internet and found their services to be absolutely dreadful.
    They try to charge your credit card (unauthorised), lock your account for no reason and generally provide the worlds worst service I have ever come across.
    I would strongly recommend not taking any part in any business with 1and1, in fact I’d rather eat my toenail clippings with a sweat/hair garnish than deal with 1and1 again.

    They are bandits of the internet and should be reffered to as an INSP (Internet No-Service Provider).

  11. Hosting with 1 & 1 gas been the biggest nightmare of my
    life and a time pit. I have been so dissatisfied with the service in all areas
    that I changed hosts again – as you know this is a very time consuming process.
    My new host is bluehost. Tech support is always available with minimal wait
    time, they all speak english and want to help! What a great combination. I
    just wanted one more vote to go against 1 & 1 and hope that ….. I did
    contact Richard Winslow

    as mentioned above and he said that this was not the proper procedure and
    referred me to technical support.

  12. 1 and 1 took a couple months of my time to resolve, I’m still working on an issue. The tech support was so bad – long hold times, communication difficulties with call center employees and an unwillingness to transfer issues to upper level support were my major issues. I tried to make it work thinking that this would be a good change for me but after much effort, I found a much better host http://www.bluehost.com. They all speak english, are available on short hold times and really want to help. They seem to know what they are doing and are willing to help. My 1&1 experience was so bad I knew that I had to get out. I did interview several companies with a list of questions before choosing bluehost – one was where is your tech support located. It was a great learning experience but those learning the hard way things are very time consuming. I think that my last issue may be in the process of being resolved through corporate which in PA which I reached by calling 1-877-461-2631. I had talked to the call center several times about my problem, and they said they would refer it to corporate. When it still wasn’t fixed I found that no notes regarding this ongoing problem were made on my account. There are good hosting companies – but do the homework. A big ad in PC World is not always the best choice. Hope this is helpful to someone.

  13. Thanks for the comments. I’m in the process oflooking for a web host and was considering 1and1. I read their entire spread in Business 2.0 and say something in the writeup that was a red flag for me. You’re saved my time, energy and money.

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