Bash Scripting – Nightly Upgrader 1.0

Edit: For non-svn-enabled web hosts. (Owen)

I spent about an hour last night writing a quick and dirty bash script to download and upgrade the nightly version of WordPress of this every night. It grabs the current file, extracts it, copies it to my nightly directory, and runs the upgrader. I amaze myself sometimes. I’m not referring to me doing this, but the fact I wasted about 30 min figuring out why it was telling me the .tar.gz was corrupt. I had made a typo and was curling the error page instead of the actual archive. Ooops!

3 Replies to “Bash Scripting – Nightly Upgrader 1.0”

  1. My solution (not a cron, but on a button-click):

    svn export -q --force {blog_path}

    No curls, no untars, no fuss. 😉

  2. svn is cool. When you can install it 🙂
    Ryan, I’d be interested in having a look at your bash script. I’ve been meaning to do this for quite a while (not on a cron basis, but upgrading in a click) so if I can spare reinventing the wheel .. 🙂

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