Well I managed to miss a step or miss something last night in my installation of fink. Everything installed correctly and I went to install ethereal. Still good, downloads all the dependencies, checks for gcc… checks for gcc… shit, I forgot something and it couldn’t compile the source.

I popped the Xcode cd back in and installed developer tools (includes gcc3.3) rebooted and went to install ethereal. Error 77 cannot do some bullshit. WTF? Now i’m getting pissed. I tried a ‘fink reinstall fink’ that went ok, checked my $PATH variable and it said everything was right. checked to see if it picked up gcc.. yup, told me gcc3.3

So now it’s about 12:30 and I’m trying to figure out whats going on. I tried another package. Same error. By this time I had given up to my need of sleep. I popped in the Panther install CD, rebooted and started to install all over again. Tomorrow is another day.

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