The Tiger is alive

I sat down on friday night and started to reinstall OS X on my iBook. I installed Panther then copied the .dmg file from my server to my laptop so I could install the WWDC Preview of Tiger. Everything went well and I restarted so that I could boot to Tiger and try it out. Bummer. I didn’t see many new features. Supposedly the preview has the new version of Safari with a RSS reader built in. Didn’t notice, but I’ll have to check it out. I did notice the new search bar up in the corner. I’ll copy my files back over some night this week and try that out to see how quick it is. The other new ‘cool’ feature they built in is called “Dashboard”. It’s a bunch of widgets (yes, like Konfabulator) built into the OS. I’ll have to do a review of these and see how it stacks up to Konfabulator. Lastly, theres the new support for 3 people in iChat. I don’t have a camera and don’t do video conferencing so I’m not sure if I’ll ever use it. Oh well.

I’m working on a list of apps I need to install again for war driving. I need to get with Ray and see what he recommends and uses. Maybe if I find time this week I’ll get around to it. I got alot on my plate still and even though I don’t have class this week, I’m still extremely frekin busy.

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