On the move

Looks like it’s going to be an interesting holiday season for my family this year. As many of you haven’t heard yet… my mom, unfortunately, lost her job a few weeks ago. My parents have been toying with the idea of moving into a cheaper house and partially retiring.

We’ve already begun the search for a new house and work on our house so we can get it up for sale. It was a sad day the other night when I started taking all my posters and pictures off the walls of my room. My room is already starting to look empty. This week I’ve been planning on finishing that up, patching the holes in my walls and then repainting my room so it looks nice when we put it up for sale. I still have alot of work left in my room and that will consume alot of my time the next week or so. I’ll try and maybe post some pictures of my room as I go through the process. As I try and get done what I need to get done, my dad wants me to do some outside painting and yard work to get things tidied up.

We’ve been looking at moving to either Morgantown or Shillington. Either way, Caitlin is going to have to change schools with only her Junior/Senior years left and maybe part of her current Sophomore year depending on how soon we move.

I have a feeling for me it’s going to be a box up of my stuff, then only unpack what I need for the next few months then pack up again when Kim and I are done school and we go to move in together. I had already started cleaning my room over and over again about 6 months ago. I have consistently gone through things and re-gone through things weeding out all the things I’ll never need again and shrink the ammount of crap I have laying around, most of which I’ve sold on eBay.

As many of you do know, I only have 9 months left of school before I get my degree. This upcoming term is going to be a hard one for me and having to deal with all the stuff at home is going to limit my time to study for my school work.

I resigned my job at Clemens via letter 2 weeks ago and yesterday was my final day. The timing happened to help out because I’m really going to need that extra day to get things done in the coming months. I just want to go ahead and thank everybody that supports us as we deal with this. Your thoughts and help is greatly appreciated by myself and my family.

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