Starting fresh

I think I’m about ready to wipe my iBook and start fresh with some network utilities for fink. I was reading Ray’s website the other day and talking to him on AIM about some of the new programs he’s discovered.

I think I’ll set it up with Panther and install x11 and fink. I might even leave a second partition to install the Tiger pre-release and see what it’s like. As far as my network utilities go I’m going to install ethereal again and try and getting a working installation of ettercap, driftnet, and this new program called tcpreplay that Ray just told me about. Supposedly it will replay your driftnet and ethereal logs and allow you to re-sniff the information like you were there doing it when it happened. Neat.

I’ll let you all know how this goes. I’m pretty excited cuz my buddy Josh now wants to go out wardriving sometime. He’s finally got a laptop so he can go with. He’s changed since we went to high school together. We’ll see how far I get with this project and maybe we’ll get to go next Thursday. I’ll report back and let you know how it goes.

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