Integrity Check

Did you ever do the right thing even though you really didn’t want to do it? I did. Today. This new guy at work who thinks he knows everything decided to take the forklift down the ramp into the parking lot. Since it was an electric forklift and wasn’t fully charged it wouldn’t make it back up the ramp.

He tried and tried and finally got it stuck almost sideways on the ramp. The only thing keeping it from swinging around and rolling over is the fact it had caught the concrete lip on the edge of the ramp. I knew what was going to happen and that he needed to swing the back end around so he could go back down the ramp.

Since he knows everything he tried to tell me that I needed to operate the forklift so they could push on it so it won’t roll. There was no way in hell I was going to put myself on a 6,000 lb forklift and operate it with 2 guys below me when I knew as soon as it released it was going to roll. The angle of the ramp put the center of gravity far enough over that as soon as it got completely sideways on the ramp it would roll.

He insisted that I do it and I told him no way in hell. I stood back as he tried the first time and lucky for him he caught the concrete again but barely. The next time he tried it was going to let loose. I grabbed the 50′ of nylon rope we had and tied one end to the top of the forklift cage. I took the other end and wrapped it around a concrete pillar at the warehouse entrance and then around a steel beam that supported the building.

He tried again and when it let loose the rope was the only thing that kept enough pull on the top to keep it from rolling over. I slowly let the rope release from around the steal beam and let the forklift swing down until it was far enough that it wouldn’t roll over.

I ended up saving this guys life and job and never got a thanks out of it. A co-worker who was standing there watching asked me how tempted I was to let the rope go… I answered “very.”

I told him the only was they were going to get it up was to push it over the lip with the company van. He didn’t want to listen and finally drove it up the opposite direction we told him but with the assistance of the van. I wasn’t around for that part, but he came back and informed me that he took it up the way he wanted and that I was still wrong in what I said. I was so tempted to just pop him in his big fat mouth but I managed to bite my tounge and ignore him til he walked off.

I really hope I have the patience to deal with this jackoff on the days I have to work with him. He’s rubbed on me a few too many times.

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  1. You have more patience than I do. That guy sounds like a retard, and I probably would have ended up saying something…congrats on saving his life.

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